Exhibitions in Kazakhstan must go on! Stand by.

Iteca Kazakhstan Exhibition Company is pleased to announce the resumption of exhibition activities in Kazakhstan. According to the Decree, starting from May 2021, large-scale public events are allowed in Kazakhstan again, as long as the relevant sanitary norms and some restrictive measures are observed.

After a long break, we will finally be able to meet again in person on the same platform with our Partners, participants and visitors to create events of high professional level, which annually give an opportunity for business growth and demonstrate the best global practices of production, cooperation and innovation

Holding exhibitions in a safe environment involves our company's engagement in the Ashyq Project (http://ashyq.kz/) and increased compliance with sanitary norms. In particular, the occupancy of the exhibition premises shall not exceed 70%, and the density of visitors shall not exceed 1 visitor per 6 square meters.

Iteca Kazakhstan Exhibition Company has developed a number of measures for the safe holding of exhibitions, including both the best practices of international exhibition companies and the company's own experience, taking into account the successful long-term experience of the company in holding industry events in Kazakhstan. We are ready to ensure the safety of both exhibitors and visitors. Stake on safety and quality. The rules for safe conduct of offline events are derived from the well-known recommendations of Union des foires internationales (UFI), namely social distancing, masking procedures and the use of antiseptics and sanitizers. To date, Iteca has already elaborated the check-in process and entrance areas according to the UFI requirements.

Throughout the fall exhibition season, we will also adhere to the following protective measures:

  • Online check-in with time limits for visits;
  • Pass control at pavilion entrances using the Ashyq App;
  • Infrared temperature meters capable to detect in real time, even in a large flow of people, individuals whose temperature is higher than normal at the entrances to the exhibition halls;
  • Fixed sanitizers in the busiest and most frequented places (check-in area, brake-out rooms, cafes, organizers' offices, bathrooms, etc.);
  • Pocket individual sanitizers will be handed out to the participants of the exhibition;
  • Disposable masks will be distributed to visitors and exhibitors;
  • Daily cleaning of the exhibition pavilions with disinfectants;
  • Setting-up air disinfection systems.

For convenience and effective communication there is specially designed visual information about the new rules for visiting exhibitions in the form of booklets and banners, which will be placed in visible places at the entrances to the exhibition halls.

Undoubtedly, taking care of the health and welfare of all exhibitors and visitors has become the key priority and the main goal, which must be strictly adhered to.

Taking into account all the wealth of experience and willingness to comply with all health regulations, the Iteca Team is now determined to work hard on the upcoming exhibition season, which will be very eventful - a total of 15 Expo Events on a wide variety of topics are planned for this autumn. Traditionally, in September KazBuild and Aquatherm Almaty exhibitions will kick off the autumn exhibition season.

 Looking forward to seeing you soon at exhibitions and conferences in the autumn 2021!

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